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About Pillsbury United Communities (PUC)

HealthRise Project – NorthRising

Pillsbury United Communities (PUC) will partner with North Memorial Health Care (NMHC) to implement the North Rising Program. This HealthRise demonstration project will predominately target the African-American population in Camden and Near North. Program participants will include patients at NMHC who are currently not meeting their clinical targets in managing diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease; as well as community residents at culturally appropriate community locations.

The North Rising Program will utilize a “Care Team” comprised of Community Health Workers, Community Paramedics, a Medication Treatment Management pharmacist, NMHC clinic staff, and PUC community staff to implement the following:

  • Community Health Workers and Community Paramedics will work together to conduct home-based assessments and interventions to increase medication compliance, healthy food options, and a nutritional inventory and review
  • Diabetes & CVD screening at culturally appropriate locations, including Cub Foods grocery store
  • Dissemination of nutrition and management information
  • Behavioral coaching and health education
  • At-home and community-based technology implementation
  • Medication therapy management

The program results will be used for the development and implementation of a sustainable program that will exist in a community grocery store – North Market – that will house an on-site clinic. Scheduled to open in 2017, North Market will offer affordable and accessible healthy food options for residents in the community of North Minneapolis, one of the state’s most severe food deserts.

About PUC

Pillsbury United Communities (PUC) works with underserved populations across Minneapolis to foster the resilience and self-sufficiency of individuals, families and community as a whole. This non-profit organization designs solutions to address a wide range of needs, including health, education, and employment. PUC helps low-income children and families throughout Minneapolis become self-sufficient with a focus on education, youth and family, wellness and nutrition, employment and training, and asset creation. PUC counts equity and inclusion, people and partnerships, co-creating solutions, arts and culture, and innovation and creativity among its core values. Its interconnected system of programs, community centers, and social enterprises connects with over 55,000 individuals each year. PUC is led by President and Chief Executive Officer Chanda Smith Baker, PUC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with approximately 180 staff.

Mission Statement:

Pillsbury United Communities (PUC) addresses the complex causes and effects of poverty in the core neighborhoods of Minneapolis. PUC is meeting its mission—creating choice, change and connection—by helping individuals and families confront inequities and create lives that are meaningful to them and reflect their own values.

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