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About HealthFinders Collaborative, Inc.

HealthRise Project

HealthFinders Collaborative (HFC) will partner with District One Hospital, Alina Health Clinics in Northfield and Faribault, Mayo Health System, Northfield Hospital and Clinics, South Central and Faribault Community Education, and Sterling Pharmacy to implement HealthRise in Rice County. Through this partnership, HealthRise will target various underserved populations in various areas around the county with significant pockets of under-and uninsured populations including Latino immigrants and Somalian refugees.

HFC will serve as the “clinical care coordination hub” to coordinate diabetes and cardiovascular disease care across the four health systems in Rice County. The hub will be supported by a team of front-line health workers, including Community Paramedics, Community Health Workers and patient advocates and community organizers. The project will include the following:

  • Clinical care coordinators from each of the four clinics will meet regularly with the community care coordinator and its team at the hub (HFC) to form a county-wide hub for care coordination.
  • A “learning community” of multidisciplinary front-line health workers.
  • Diabetes self-management program comprised of 6 classes over 6 months offered to patients identified from any of the four clinics or the hub.
  • Healthy lifestyle classes (based on Pura Vida)
  • Community-based clinical care
  • Develop evaluation and policy changes

The project will be guided by a steering committee of providers and stakeholders; and an existing council of patients. The evaluation results will be used to guide program and policy changes at each of the four clinics, their systems and beyond.

About HealthFinders Collaborative

HealthFinders Collaborative, Inc. (HFC) provides quality health care, advocacy, and wellness education to people in Rice County who have limited healthcare alternatives. Since 2005, HealthFinders Collaborative has been providing a comprehensive and individualized access point to health and wellness opportunities. Its primary care services address immediate and ongoing needs, while an extensive patient advocacy program actively connects people with long-term resources and community programs

HealthFinders offers patient advocacy, referrals, and wellness programs to help people looking to access health or health care in greater Rice County. At this time, HealthFinders clinical programs are limited to those who are uninsured or underinsured

HealthFinders Collaborative, Inc. is led by Executive Director Charlie Mandile and Board of Directors Chair, Jessie Saul, Ph.D.

Mission Statement:

HealthFinders Collaborative provides quality health care, advocacy and wellness education to people in its community who have limited healthcare alternatives. Its vision is for everyone in the community to have access to the health care they need.

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