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HealthRise Project-Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

MAMTA Health Institute for Mother and Child (MAMTA HIMC) will implement the HealthRise project in Shimla district in Himachal Pradesh, India. This HealthRise demonstration project will predominately target individuals 15-70 years of age from rural and urban areas who are: at risk of diabetes and CVD; living with diabetes or hypertension and not meeting their clinical targets (FBS, HbA1c, total cholesterol); or living with co-existing morbidities or complications. The project will also engage the health workforce, families and caregivers involved in the care of these target populations and will utilize the existing health system to implement the following:

  • Population-based Risk Assessment for diabetes and hypertension.
  • Behaviour Change Communication for at-risk population for lifestyle modification and regular screening of blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Community mobilisation and screening for diabetes and hypertension among the target population and early referral of suspected cases in a camp mode using platforms like the public health system, village health nutrition days, schools, and workplaces.
  • Capacity building of health care providers in the management of diabetes and hypertension and associated complications.
  • Enhancing treatment adherence and behaviour compliance for diabetes and/or hypertension as maintained by the physician and regular monitoring for clinical parameters.
  • Regular screening of diseased individuals for complications like nephropathy/neuropathy/ retinopathy or co-morbidities (TB/HIV).
  • Application of technology for implementation and support in the project including ‘m Health App’ for disease literacy, self-assessment of risk status and tracking goals and e-clinic for virtual OPD for early referral and follow-up of stabilized disease condition.

The program results will be used for the development and implementation of a sustainable program that will be integrated within the existing health system. The intervention package will provide comprehensive service delivery by engaging the community and strengthening the capacity of the system (in terms of efficiency and effectiveness) for its sustainability.


MAMTA is an internationally recognized non-governmental organization, established in New Delhi in December 1990. Since its inception, MAMTA has promoted strategic solutions, policies and programming, research and global learning in the fields of Maternal Newborn Child Health and Nutrition, Young People’s Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, HIV, TB and NCDs, with a special focus on promoting rights, gender equality and equity. The organisation is committed to integrated health and development issues in the context of poverty, gender and rights with a life cycle approach.

Mission Statement:

MAMTA’s vision is to empower the underserved and marginalized individuals and community through gender sensitive participatory processes for achieving optimal and sustainable health and development.

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